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Irish Coffee


About the Cocktail

I have always been a multi-cup coffee drinker, so what better way to enjoy the end of few cocktails but to enjoy a nice, warming cup of joe with splash of our Haberdasher Light Whiskey. We decided to release our Light Whiskey for the sole intention of making Irish Coffee!


  • Hot water (for warming the glass)

  • 4-5oz of hot brewed coffee

  • 1-2 sugar cubes

  • 1oz of Haberdasher Light Whiskey

  • 1-oz of lightly whipped heavy cream


Step 1

Pour warm water into your preffed glass. Let this sit for 2-3 minutes to warm up your glass. Traditionally, a Libbey glass mug (like this) is used by any glass cup will do.

Step 2

Once the glass is warm, pour out the hot water and pour 4-5 ounces of hot brewed coffee into the glass.

Step 3

Put 1-2 sugar cubes (dependent on your preference on sweetness) and stir the coffee until disolved.

Step 4

Pour in 1 ounce of Haberdasher Light Whiskey into the coffee and stir. The amount of whiskey used is totally up to you, between .5oz and 2oz is common.

Step 5

Take another cup or bowl and pour 1 ounce of cold heavy cream. I prefer to use a milk frother (like this) but you can use a hand-mixer, blender, or a hand-whisk. The goal here is to get the milk loose and frothy; not whipped cream!

Step 6

Take a large spoon, turn it over, and gently layer the frothed cream over top the coffee. This creates a delicious head of foam and helps cool the coffee when go to take a sip! Cheers!

Need some help? Watch our how-to video on YouTube here:

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